<Regular Course>

The Regular Course consists of PBP(Patent Bar & Practice) and OEP(Optional Extended Practice). The PBP is a required course and OEP is an elective course where the students can modify program period, subject matters of study and type of Visa etc. according to their situation.
1. PBP(Patent Bar & Practice)
    PBP is a course to prepare the Patent Bar. The students in PBP learn US Patent Laws, Patent Practice and Patent English(about 6Months)

  • Detailed contents of PBP

Course Details
Orientation, Settling in US
Settling period for US life
Patent Law/MPEP Lecture
Patent English
Lecture includes real time & video lecture
Self study, OJT & Patent English
Seminar Patent Law & Policy
Law firm operating seminar of US patent law, MPEP & Patent policy
Seminar overview : download
Patent Practice
Preparing of patent application, reply to OA, etc.
Patent-Bar Preparation(Intensive)
Review right before taking Patent Bar
Overview of pre-exams
Lecture Schedule : Download

Applying & Taking Patent-Bar


2 times available (more than 2 times in avaiable if arranged)

2. OEP
    OEP is an intensive course coring after PBP. OEP futher focuses on OJT. OEP can be gone through in either WIPA(OEP-I) or other orgarnizations(OEP-II)

  • OEP-I : OJT in WIPA with professionals of WIPA or LRK Patent Law Firm(6Months)
  • OEP-II : WIPA supports Visa status of students who attend the classes in other orgarnizations. 
    ※ The other organizations for OEP-II are normally arranged by students.


<Patent Bar Village (PBV)>

PBV is a Patent Bar course to be customized according to student's level and demands.


  Period : 4 Months

  Target Students : Persons who have already studied MPEP and thus can pass Patent Bar with a liitle of study in WIPA

  Tuition : $7500 (excluding Visa Fee)

Course Details



Orientation, Settling in US

1st Due week

Settling period of US life

Patent Law/MPEP Lecture


Actual lecture by a recent passed teachers
Video study

Intensive study of pre-exams, details of MPEP


Pre-exam overview
Self study
Exam Tips

Patent Practice, Patent English for Passed students


Preperation of patent application, reply to OA, etc.
Video course
ESOL Programs

Taking Patent-Bar

1 time


  Period : 8 Months

  Target students : Persons who have studied US Patent Law but need a certain period of study in WIPA to pass Patent Bar

  Tuition : $12000 (Excluding Visa Fee)



  Period : 12 Months or more 

  Target students : Persons who have no experience of US Patent Law

  Tuition : $15000 or more(excluding Visa Fee)

* Other things proceeded by WIPA for PBV

  1. Visa support

  2. Office space

  3. Patent Bar information & activities

  4. Support of US settling 


<PBV+English COMBINED Course>

WIPA Programs may be combined with the English Programs of the following English institutions located near WIPA


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