Patentability Search
Competitor Analysis
Patentability Search identifies art which may affect
the patentability of an invention.
Competitor Analysis accesses competitors’ technology strength
and identifies their key inventors and main technology field by
reviewing  their patenting activities.
Validity/Infringement Search
Patent Trend Analysis

Validity/infringement Search helps a client to determine the
validity of issued patents, or whether one’s technology violates
another’s patent rights.

Patent Trend Analysis is the service to see the patent
technology trend in a quick time. This service is focused
on the quantitative analysis and small sized patent map.
Freedom to Operate/Right to Use Search
Patent Landscape Analysis
Freedom to Operate/Right to Use Search provides advices
to a client, who plans to develop and launch a new product,
whether the technologies incorporated in his product are now
in the public domain.
Patent Landscape Analysis assists a client to formulate
patent strategies by identifying any weakness of their
technologies and predicting future flows of technologies.
State of the Art Search
State of the Art Search identifies general and background art
for a particular technology.