Washington International Patent Academy, LLC (WIPA) is committed to assist attorneys, scientists, engineers, and law students pass the Patent Bar exam and truly care about their future. WIPA is dedicated to supporting the IP capacity building of domestic and international IP professionals, IP policy makers, and IP scholars. WIPA's collection supports the largest IP curriculum in the world and covers: the IP spectrum from news and practice to highly scholarly works; interdisciplinary aspects of IP; the synergy of law, technology, science and business; English language works in domestic, foreign and international IP law; materials from the earliest law books to the most current Web resources; continuing education and professional organization materials not available at other law schools.

Our Goals 

WIPA specializes IP Training, IP Strategy Research, IP Search & Analysis, and IP Transaction. Our group of experts apply their extensive experience in IP law, executive IP education & training and technology to ensure that our students and clients can reap the potential that intellectual property offers, and to assist that they are a world-class resource for the development of knowledge and capabilities in the protection, exploitation and management of IP.

WIPA is also focused on bringing buyers and sellers of technologies together so that all parties maximize the return on their investments. We enable you to exercise your IP rights by providing IP licensing & acquisition services.

Our Services 

WIPA provides a wide range of continuing education & training opportunities for IP professionals, business organisations, research institutions and other IP creators & users. IP Training programs include outreach events to bring awareness of the relevancy of IP, foundation courses providing an overview of IP law & its application in specific sectors, and skill development courses for professionals already in the field of IP.

WIPA offers a full range of IP services, including IP Strategy Research, IP Search & Analysis, Patent Purchases and Sales, Technology Licensing, IP Valuation and IP Portfolio Management. Because we understand the value of intellectual property in the context of a constantly evolving market, we can assist buyers and sellers of technologies together to maximize their interests. WIPA has the expertise to help companies, institutions and individual inventors.